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Default Missing Autoplay with CD's and DVD's

!kalboBill wrote:
I posted this 2 weeks ago and still have no solution. I'm running Vista
Premium with latest updates installed.

"!kalboBill" wrote in message

This used to work fine but now does not.

When I insert a CD or DVD, no dialog pops up. If I try to read the CD,
everthing is fine. If I right click on it, I can run autoplay and everthing
is fine.

If I put a black CDR or DVD, I get no Autoplay and if I try to access the
blank disk, tells me it has to be formatted first. Right clicking shows no
format choice. If I choose Autoplay, nothing happens.

How do I get the Automatic dialog back?

You should be able to enable it by using the link, if it's disabled.

However, I do recall some kind of malware attack that was using AutoPlay
to attack the machine. So I went and manually disabled AutoPlay upon
getting that information.