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Default Unknown Icon In Notification Area of Taskbar?

"Dennis" wrote in message

"Curious" wrote in message

"Dennis" wrote in message
There is an untitled icon always present in the notification area
of my taskbar. This Icon appears to be a locked padlock with the
number 9 on it. When I pass my cursor over it no title or
description appears and nothing appears to happen when I right
click, left click or double click on it. I have searched the help
files and browsed Windows Explorer looking for a file with such an
icon and have not found any. My hunch is that icon must be related
to some security feature. I am using McAfee antivirus. If anyone
could help identify this icon it sure would be great.

Go to Control Panel/notification area icons and determine what it
is and then you can turn it off if you want.

Curious, excuse me I got my reply to you wrong. The icon IS in the
notification area but there is no title or any indication of what it
is for. I have noticed that a similar icon with an "A" on it appears
next to it when my caps lock key is on so, maybe it has something to
do with my keyboard. Unfortunately, no information came with the

Those appear to be indicators to tell you that your keyboard's
NumLock, CapsLock, and probably also ScrollLock are on. I've never
seen these with a standard keyboard, so I suspect you have a fancy
keyboard that requires special drivers, and somewhere in the setup for
the keyboard is a setting to turn them on or off. Look in your
control panel for a keyboard applet, and go from there. Or search the
website for your keyboard manufacturer for more info.


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