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Default Faxing from outlook 2007


This does not work for me - when I attempt to send to a Fax number, I get a
message bounce:

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

Recipient on Date
The Microsoft Fax transport failed to deliver the message
to the recipient.
The message body cannot be printed.

Yet, I can print the message to the Fax printer just fine - it converts the
Outlook message to a Fax with a TIFF attachment containing the Outlook

I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64

-- John

"killerb255" wrote in message ...


A lot of what you see here has been crossposted from all corners of the
Internet. I'm thinking this came from the Microsoft communities.

In any case, there's a lot of information that you left out (or was
probably in your original post in another community).

1) Is your computer part of a client-server domain? If so, is it part
of a Small Business Server domain? If not, is your fax modem installed
on the PC you're using to send/receive faxes?
2) What version of Outlook were you using before?
3) Where were your faxes stored? Were they stored in the "Sent Items"
folder? If so, did you back up your mailbox to a .pst file before

Russ is right: just install the "Fax Mail Transport" option in Outlook
2007 to get it working.

In Outlook 2007:

1) Click Tools - Account Settings
2) Click on “New,” then “Other,” and then “Fax Mail Transport.” You’ll
get a warning stating that you will need to close Outlook in order for
the settings to take effect. Finish the wizard and then close out of
3) Open up Outlook again. Begin creating a new e-mail.
4) At the top of the e-mail window, click “Accounts.” Change the option
to “Fax Mail Transport.”

Didn't cost you a thing, did it?

Now, if #2 above did not work, then either:

a) Your fax modem isn't set up properly (if it's installed directly on
your PC).
b) Your shared fax "printer" is not set up properly (if you have a
server with the fax modem installed on it).

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