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Default Desktop shortcuts opening in Word...

On Feb 21, 1:30*pm, "David H. Lipman"
From: "Mike"

| On Feb 21, 8:21 am, "David H. Lipman" | wrote:
From: "Mike"

| *Just recently, URL shortcuts on my desktop will open in Word, rather
| than opening the link in IE.
| I looked at default programs & .url is set to open with Internet
| Browser. I've also tried the KB
| but no help.
| If I go to the shortcut through favorites, it opens ok & have deleted
| shortcuts & sent new ones to desktop, but they still behave the
| same...
| Any other suggestions?

LNK files have been assoicited to Winword.exe, they have to fixed to be
considered executable.

Multi-AV Scanning
Tool -

| Ok, gave that a try & got the following message:
| Cannot import C:\...\linkfile_fix.reg: Not all data was successfully
| written to the registry. SOme keys are open by the system or other
| processes.
| Another thing I found odd is computer wanted to save this as a WIndows
| Media File type & the only other optiuon in drop down menu was all
| files.
| Windows media player would open when trying to open it. I had to DL
| winrar to get it to unzip.
| I'm thinking a few different file associations are whacked!
| BTW, thanks for the reply - I've had this on the technet forums for a
| couple of days & have got a lotta looks, but 0 replies!

Are you an adminstrator or have administrative rights on this PC ?

It sounds like multiple file associations exist.

What happens if you logon to a different account on this computer. *Do you
have the same association problems ?

Multi-AV Scanning Tool -

The user account I am using is an Admin, but UAC is turned on, so I'm
assuming that it doesn't really have all the admin rights, correct?
I'll have to get admin password, or should I just turn UAC off?