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Default HP All-in-one printers disappearing when there are changes in thenetwork status

On Wednesday, 13 June 2007 02:33:13 UTC+1, mlai wrote:
Just wondering if anybody has seen this problem. HP claims that they
have not seen this problem (despite I have reported it before...)

I have a Photosmart C6180 installed on my network. Under XP, everything
seems to work fine. However, on my Vista x64 machines, the printer and fax
seems to disappear when there are changes in the network status (for
example, resuming from suspend, and disabling and r-enabling the network
interfaces, even when the interfaces being changed does not connect to the
printer). I would get a Vista error saying that the HP Network Printer
Services has stopped responding and then after this happens, I have a very
good chance that the C6180 printer and fax will disappear from my list of
printers on the machine.

When this happens, the only way is to run the HP software (which I
downloaded from the web for Vista x64) and add a new printer from there.

Has anyone seen this before? Is there a fix?

Many thanks.

PS. Called local HP and their tech support gave me the stupid response of
"We don't know. Maybe don't suspend your computer?". I have a laptop
running the software, idiot......

I'm having exactly the same problem with my HP Phogtosmart C6180. It has disappeared from my Win 7 Pro(64-bit) system - Not for the first time - but keep having the error message during installation: Installer cannot access HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM. At this point I can Retry or Cancel. Unfortunately Retry doesn't achieve anything and the only option I'm left with is to Cancel, which terminates the installation.AAARRRGGGHHH!!!