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Default Unknown Icon In Notification Area of Taskbar?

On Sunday, November 8, 2009 6:10:02 PM UTC-6, Dennis wrote:
There is an untitled icon always present in the notification area of my
taskbar. This Icon appears to be a locked padlock with the number 9 on it.
When I pass my cursor over it no title or description appears and nothing
appears to happen when I right click, left click or double click on it. I
have searched the help files and browsed Windows Explorer looking for a file
with such an icon and have not found any. My hunch is that icon must be
related to some security feature. I am using McAfee antivirus. If anyone
could help identify this icon it sure would be great.


Hi Dennis,

Did you ever get this resolved? I woke to this little yellow padlock icon in my taskbar notification area as well, just to the left of the power-indicator icon. It isn't num or caps lock. When I click on it, it disappears. Has this ever been resolved?