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Default 3 data related questions. unrelated file in use, RAM, pagefile

Micky wrote:
3 data related questions.

I'm using Vista but it's a lot like w7, and these questions apply to
XP too, I think.

1) Coming out of Windows sleep or maybe FFox crashing, I'm looking at
Win Resource Monitor, Disk, and I see about 500,000,000 Bytes/minute
being read from C:\downloads\xp-downloads\COL18341.exe which has
nothing to do with anything. It's some sort of Photosmart Premier 7.5
for HP that I downloaded for some reason 3 years ago. I've never run
it. I don't know how long the transfer lasted but it was showing in
the Monitor window least 20 seconds. The program never started or
anything and after it was gone from the Monitor window, I saw no trace
of it. What the heck was happening and why? Why this file?

2) Even when I'm only using 80% of my RAM, I think I still see a lot
of reading or writing the pagefile. Not in volume of data maybe but
from more than one program, right now, explorer, lsass, firefox,
system, avgsnx, eudora, all reading from pagefile at the same time,
with 83% of RAM in use. Does that make sense?

3) Anyhow, the computer is functioning well almost all the time, but I
see a lot of reading and writing that pagefile If I had two more
gigs of RAM, 4 gigs total, and was running the same number of programs
and the same OS, would I expect to see no use of the pagefile?

1) AV scan ?

2) Paging has to have a policy defined, as to
when the system is under pressure, and when
pages of not-recently-referenced memory
should be paged out. An action such as Firefox
using some memory to open another web page or tab,
might be sufficient to trigger the activity.
(Firefox can "balloon up and shrink again" as
part of its behavior, which can rock the boat
for the rest of the system.)

3) Perhaps.