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Default 3 data related questions. unrelated file in use, RAM, pagefile

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microsoft.public.windowsxp.general Wolf K

On 2016-04-13 11:20, Micky wrote:
3) Anyhow, the computer is functioning well almost all the time, but I
see a lot of reading and writing that pagefile If I had two more
gigs of RAM, 4 gigs total, and was running the same number of programs
and the same OS, would I expect to see no use of the pagefile?

Based on my experience, you would see a lot less paging, and the overall
performance will be faster. If you do any kind of medium- to heavy-duty
graphics/video editing, 6 or 8GB would be better. You should buy a 4GB
set from the same manufacturer to minimise odds of memory glitches such
as subtle mismatch in timing.

I infer you have an older machine. Adding RAM is the cheapest upgrade
until you decide you need a newer machine.

This one was bought for a business, where it ran only 2 or 3 programs
most of the time, and it only has room for 2 gig, but I have 4 gig
bought for another machine. I just have to allot time to fix
everything up. Right now the space on the desk is being used for a
Mac, for a friend who died in February. I'm sending files to the
people he was maintaing the files for, and looking in his 40,000
emails for bank accounts and insurance. He should have left a better
list. And before that I have to learn to understand a Mac, at least
a little.

Have a good day,

And you too.