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Well, I think I found the source of my problem.

Before Vista the Microsoft Bluetooth stack had support for com ports, mice,
and keyboards but lacked support for many other bluetooth profiles including
A2DB and headsets. The Toshiba stack had support for a wide range of
profiles but had to keep a great number of services running and created what
seemed like a superfluous number of COM ports. As far as I can see Vista RC
1 is using the same bluetooth stack. I attempted to install the Toshiba
bluetooth stack on vista and it just plain does not work. Hopefully this is
something that will be resolved in Vista RTM.

Joel Johnson

"cyanna" wrote in message
You might need to reinstall one or more of these

Bluetooth ACPI from TOSHIBA
Toshiba BT Port (COM15)
Toshiba BT Port (COM16)
Toshiba BT Port (COM17)
Toshiba BT Port (COM18)
Toshiba BT Port (COM19)
Toshiba BT Port (COM20)
Toshiba BT Port (COM21)
Toshiba BT Port (COM6)
Toshiba BT Port (COM7)
Bluetooth RFHID from TOSHIBA
Bluetooth RFBNEP from TOSHIBA
Bluetooth Personal Area Network from TOSHIBA
Bluetooth RFBUS from TOSHIBA
Intel(R) PRO/1000 PL Network Connection
Bluetooth USB Controller-5 from TOSHIBA
1394 Net Adapter

is what Toshiba has to say about non working bluetooth. Nevermind that
for XP, check to see if you have all the right modules in Device Manager

"Joel Johnson" wrote:

Both devices are bluetooth audio gateways. There were never any drivers
specific to these devices. They only require that the interfacing device
have support for A2DP or AVRCP thus any such driver/functionality must be
supported by the bluetooth host meaning that any such drivers required
specific to the bluetooth host adapter on the computer, not the A2DP
to which I am connecting. I've used these devices with other bluetooth
capable hardware including a phone, bluetooth transmitter, PDA, and a
bluetooth adapter for a media player.

I was just looking at some Win HEC slides that displayed the wide support
for bluetooth (Power point slides at :
Slide 5 shows "Stereo audio profiles (A2DP, AVRCP) available on Windows
native stack via Bluetooth silicon vendors." Between that and the thing
said above about the support existing within the adapter I am begining to
get th efeeling that I need some different driver for the "Dell 350
Bluetooth Module" in my computer. I know the adapter was made by Toshiba
(Dell does not actually make hardware). On XP I had actually used a
bluetooth stack from Toshiba.

Has any one had any success/problems with Toshiba bluetooth adapters?

If you would like to see the devices one audio gateway is visible here :
I can't find a site for the bluetooth stereo earphones, he earphones
both A2DP (Audio Gateway) and AVRCP (remote control) profiles.

"cyanna" wrote in message
The profiles should be supported. People are having various degrees of
success with BT: one blogger had his mouse working although he had
out of the UAC prompt, most are in your situation where the device is
recognized as a bluetooth device but no drivers either install or work,
can't get their devices paired.
Try the xp drivers for your devices and THEN try again windows updates.
Check in services if you have any other hardware profile available than
What devices are they?

"Joel Johnson" wrote:

Hmmmm...They are not listed there at all. I went one step further and
looked in the device manager and they are both listed as "Other
Devices\Bluetooth Peripheral Device" with exlamation marks. The device
manager shows that there is no driver installed for this. Given that
devices implement bluetooth standards (I've used them on other
devices before) my expectation is that these drives must ultimatly
microsoft. Is there any way that I can verify support for the A2DP or
bluetooth profiles within Vista RC1 x86?

Joel Johnson

"cyanna" wrote in message
Do they actually show up as paired in the windows mobile device
are they simply listed there but no actually paired?

"Joel Johnson" wrote:

I've paired some bluetooth devices with my Dell Precision M70 and I
idea how how to make vista connect to them. I have paired some
headphones (Audio Sync) and a Motorola DC800 (Also "Audio Sync.").
is paired to. But for the life of me I don't know how to connect
device. I can only pair and then viw the services they offer.

Joel Johnson