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Default Can't open .msg and .eml attachments in Outlook 2003

I've found the solution to the problem:

With the help of Microsoft, a solution has been found to the problem of not
being able to open some or all file types attached to email messages in
Outlook 2003 on Vista: the Google Desktop is blocking the action. As a

Go to add-ins: Tools.Options.Other.Advanced Options, Add-In Manager button
and, if the Google Desktop addin is checked, uncheck it.

This solved the problem of not being able to open and view attachments.

"Mr. Arnold" MR. wrote in message

"Duane" wrote in message
Have Vista Home Premium on new computer. Since transferring my Office
SB Suite, I can not open attachments. This includes file types such as
that are not on the list of forbidden file types. I can save them and
them into objects in word, but they are mostly a mess- hex code with some
english, no formatting. I've added the Level1 parameter to my registry
these parameters as arguments. That hasn't helped.

I do not find a "don't open attachments" checkbox that I can uncheck in
security tab of options.

Can anybody help?

How about right-clicking the file in Explorer, going to Properties and see
if the file has an Unblock button?