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Kerry Brown
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Default why does my cursor jump all over when I am typing

Use an external mouse and disable the touchpad.

Kerry Brown
Microsoft MVP - Shell/User

"mel" wrote in message
I am also having this problem, it's like the cursor has a mind of its own.
am pulling my hair out. I can't even type a whole sentence without
Is there anything we can do? I am almost at the point of throwing my
in the yard and running it over.

"Kerry Brown" wrote:

If your touchpad is Synaptics then you can disable it in the Synaptics

Kerry Brown
Microsoft MVP - Shell/User

"RichC593" wrote in message
I have the very same problem. As soon as I begin typing the cursor jumps
down and to left then begins roaming around the screen. It does this
just the touch pad or even when I have a mouse attached. I have a Dell
Inspiron 8600 and the BIOS has a setting to disable the touch pad when a
mouse is attached but it since installing Vista the touch pad no loner
disabled. I have been using Vista for three months without any problem
the last week the problem began slowly and has reached the point that
working in Word is very difficult. Hopefully, MS will come up with fix
since no one in these groups or other groups on the net seem to have any
fix for this specific problem. There are some fixes for other
causing erratic mouse movement but, none related to typing. I am
if it may be related to keyboard drivers?


"Steve Thackery" wrote in message
i can be typing along and all of a sudden a new window pops up or my
jumps to another spot in the page. Basically it jumps to wherever I
left the cursor. So frustrating!!!!!

I agree with Kerry - this is typical touchpad behaviour. It happens
me all the time when I'm typing on my laptop.