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Default Windows Fax and Scan: Preview or scan images as separate files

You failed to quote any of this now outdated thread, so I have no idea what
you're talking about. But thanks for your thoughts. You are most certainly
incorrect to suggest that WFS was intended to replace the software each
scanner vendor supplies for creating documents from its scanners. A specific
vendor's third party software will and should be better suited to those
tasks than a generic OS utility.
Russ Valentine
"hazymat" wrote in message

Russ Valentine

Your reponses to this query have left a bitter taste in my mouth. So
much so that I simply had to register for this forum to post a rebuttal.

There's one thing I can't stand more than people who are rude and
condescending, and that is people who are rude, condescending, and can't
read the question properly.

Ilene's initial post was CRYSTAL clear. No clarification was needed. It
started with a succinct question, then proceded to state the general

Anybody with half a brain cell could see that the aim was not about the
functionality of scanning to PDF, but rather to find the option to scan
to multiple files.

How could Irene have put it more clearly? All the information was

After reading Ilene's surprisingly gracious response, you then
continued to labor on a point that was subsequently PERFECTLY clarified
as being irrelevant by Ilene's response. (A shame you didn't twig after
the first post let alone the subsequent one.)

And your parting shot?

Firstly, you use "quotation marks" as if to say this software is not a
product - well, it IS a product. A product isn't just something you sell
in the shops.

Secondly, you incorrectly state that Windows Fax and Scan was not meant
to replace the functions of any scanner's software. Excuse me? That is
precisely what it does, and what it was designed for.

The reason I hit this page was thanks to Google; I was having the same
problem, and no the 'Help' pages, that is to say the product help pages
that accompany the Windows Fax and Scan product, did NOT answer this

I've never read such a horrible, incoherent, dismissive, and factually
incorrect set of responses as yours. You should be utterly ashamed of
yourself. Call yourself an MVP, how odious.