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Default ram ..please help

32bit operating systems cannot address more than 4GB of memory. It is
simple math. Two to the 32nd power is 4GB. That's all the unique addresses
you get mathematically. To use your full 8GB of memory you need to run a
64bit version of Windows XP or Vista, or a 32bit version of Windows Server
2003 Enterprise Edition or higher.

See the memory tables he

"veryunhappy" wrote in message

hi there i have just installed 2x2gb memory cards to go with my other
2x2gb cards making a total of 8gb of ram as that is what my mother board
can take
i have checked bios start up menu and the ram is in as it is saying i
have 8196mb of ram but when i go onto base index score to check for
hardware the extra ram is not showing as the new hardware is not being
detected ?????why is this
does any body know how i get it to show
os is vista home prem 32 bit
many thanks