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Default 0x8000ffff -- When i Try installing Windows Live messenger..?

I just had the same problem.

I have found a solution.
I had the windows live beta installed on my pc but then crashed when it
forced me to install an update version which corrupted the installation

I tryed to manually uninstall windows live beta from control panel and
then tryed to install the normal windows live messenger on but then was receiving the same error code.

I then go to control panel and then saw Windows Live Programs (beta)
i select that but then does not recconize i got any windows live
messenger installed. So i try to install windows live beta again. It
worked. but then as for having problems with it i didnt like it, i go to
that same program on the controll panel and un selected everything that
was install to un install.

It removed all the windows live beta features it had on my pc and tryed
once again to install the normal windows live messenger and it work with
no error code and is now working fine

Hope this works for you too like it did to me

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