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Default what keys are "Net user administrator /active:yes"?

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"ToddAndMargo" wrote in message
Hi All,

I have a customer that lost/forgot/typo'ed her
password. Her Vista Home Edition Administrator's
account is disabled.

I can edit the registry with Bart PE. Can
someone tell me what registry key I need to edit
to accomplish what "Net user administrator /active:yes"

Many thanks,

On 02/13/2010 09:23 PM, Peter Foldes top posted:
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Hi All,

I never did figure out which registry keys went with
"Net user administrator /active:yes". But I did find
a utility to do it for me: Offline NT Password & Registry

This is a Linux boot CD that allows you to both
enable user accounts and erase user passwords, including
the Administrator's account.

And, it worked perfectly on my customer machine. She now
has an Administrator's icon and she can now log into
both her own account and the Administrator's account
without a password. Happy camping has returned.

I hope this helps others,