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Default Can't see Hard Drive.

"Marian Henna" wrote in message
Hello again, first let me thank you for your help.

I went over the article and confirmed everything in your link. All seems
to be fine. I have no card readers or anything new installed. What I'm
going to do is to review the most recent MS updates that may have been

Normally I turn this off, but was preparing for a training course for 22
students for Vista and completely forgot. This is one of the items in the
link you sent me.

Next, I'll try a Sys-Restore, but I've installed about 55 videos and
related support apps for this upcoming session (which were all installed
onto the invisible drive), and will likely have to re-install. So fare the
apps and vids work fine, but I can't just copy to the drive via the GUI.

"I CAN", however copy and see the drive from a dos/command prompt. Hmmm...

Does this help?

I'll post more as it develops (or not develop).

Again, thanks.

"LVTravel" wrote in message

"Marian Henna" wrote in message
My apologies, I should have mentioned that the drive is visible using
Disk Management. The volume is assigned the drive letter D: (basic
volume) and there are no network drives. The DVDRW is assigned drive
letter W: (I do this so that the universe knows it is a read(Writable.

I should have also mentioned that this drive was visible, but only in
the past few days has it disappeared (at least that's when I noticed).

System is Virus and Malware clean as reported by Panda RescueCD,
Kaspersky RescueCD and BitDefender RescueCD. I booted with my BartPE and
ran McAfee command line scanner against both hard disks in the system,
they were both clean.

TweakUI does nothing magical, I read a web hit that suggested running
TweakUI and 'clicking' on the drive and it should work - nada.

The only data on Drive D: (the invisible guy) is video data, nothing
else. I changed the drive letter to drive E: in DM and rebooted, still

I mentioned that I could store docs etc there, but they were only tests
and my dynamic data is never stored there.

"LVTravel" wrote in message

"Marian Henna" wrote in message
For some reason, I cannot see a 1TB hard disk in Vista Explorer. There
are no relevant messages in the event logs etc. I can save data to it
(via apps, word, excel, downloads etc).

I just cannot see it in windows when I go to my computer.

Also, can't seem to find anything pertinent on the web, lost about a
vista drive not being seen by windows 7 (vice versa), but not what I
am looking for.

My concern is that if Windows won't display the drive, it may be going
bad and it's only 6 months old.

Any pointer(s) would be appreciated.


Right click Computer on the desktop. Click Manage then Disk
Management. Do you see the drive in either the top area under Volume or
in the gray area below it? If in the gray area does it have a drive
letter assigned. If so is it the same drive letter that is assigned to
a network drive (which will not show up in the Disk Management window?)
If it is the same letter as a network drive one or the other needs to
be changed. Let us know and we can guide you.

If the drive is not showing up at all in Disk Management I have no idea
how a program could write to the drive.

Any card readers installed on the computer, either in the computer or an
attached printer? Recently installed a printer and it rearranged my
drive letters until I changed the card reader that was on the printer to
a different letter.

You might want to read this article and see if it helps your situation:

I see you mentioned, and I missed, in an earlier post that you have Tweak UI
installed and run. What version do you have and where did you get it? The
one for XP should NOT be run on Vista or Win 7.