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Default Scanned slides from wrong side - Thanks

Hello & thanks, I was looking for a 'mirror' function but I needed flip

thanks again#


"John Inzer" wrote in message
KRK wrote:

I have scanned a lot of 35mm colour slides and copied them into my
pictures folder. I seem to have scanned some of them back to front,
i.e. I have got a mirror image.

Is there a way of reversing the mirror image ? in MS photo manager or
do I nee to get some more specialised photo-editing software ?



The option you are seeking is usually called
Flip...most all editing software has the option.

In MS Picture Manager you can go to...
Edit Pictures / Rotate and Flip / Flip Horizontal

MS Paint also has a Filp / Rotate option...
Ctrl+R / OK (or press Enter)

In the freeware Picasa you can flip a selected
group of images by typing...Ctrl+Shift+H

In the freeware FastStone Image Viewer select
(highlight) a thumbnail and press the H key


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