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Default How to print multiple photos on single page from Photo Gallery??

Morbius wrote on 02/19/2009 22:04 ET :
In XP, I used to be able to select multiple photos, and then when I printed
them from the Pictures and Fax viewer, I used to be able to select various
"templates" for printing, that allowed me to print two, four, or more
on a single page. Seems I recall even being able to print a "contact
of many images.

Now in Vista Ultimate, I don't seem to have that option...if I select
multiple photos (even just 2!) in the Photo Gallery and select print, the
only "template" option showing in the right-hand pane of the print
dialog is "Full
Page Photo"...I have no other options I can select. What's wrong here?
help seems to show multiple different templates being available in that pane.

With Excel, you can print many photos by selecting how many photos per page
to 64), with many informations around the pictures: names of people,
phones, functions in the company, etc.
You can create your photo gallery in 10 seconds.