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Default The server has rejected your login. Please verify that your us

Hello. I am having the exact same problem with using IMAP Gmail. I know I
have all the settings right. I keep on getting the dialog box that says that
the server rejects my login. Then I have to re-enter my credentials over and
over again. I don't get what is going on.

"Aaron" wrote:

I am having this same issue it makes me want to scream.

"frustr8edw/microsoft" wrote:

Ok, really frustrated. I've got two emails, both gmail accounts. When I first
set them up everything worked perfect. I know that I have the right port
numbers as directed by gmail, I also know that I have my user name and
password entered correctly. When I open my windows mail it will work just
fine at first, but after having it open for a short time I get these error
messages telling me that "The server has rejected your login. Please verify
that your username and
password are correct" . When it gives me the box to put the information in I
know that I put it in correctly, but the same error pops up over and over.
I'm sure it has to be something with the way it's working with IMAP or
something because I never had this issue with outlook and my pop mail
accounts. If someone could help I would greatly appreciate it. Should I go
back to Mozilla's thunderbird email? Would that be able to handle the IMAP
better? Vista issue maybe? Anyways thanks in advance for any help or
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