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Ok I understand Curious, Make it a great day.
Computer/Software Tech.

Charles Richmond

"Curious" wrote:

Most of the delay was due to My system waiting for all of the services to
get up and running before trying the wireless connection. If directly
connected to my router the laptop was a lot faster.

"THE C. [MS MVP]" wrote in message
2+ minutes? Sounds like you had problems with your hardware not Vista. My
boot time and load, is under 1 minute for Vista. Make it a great day.
Computer/Software Tech.

Charles Richmond

"Curious" wrote:

Since very few applications are multithreaded meaning they can not use
then one core concurrently I would expect a quad 2.33 to be fairly slow
compared to a dual 2.33.
Unless you are running what you know to be a memory intensive application
such as video editing then more memory will not benefit you at all it
just sit there as disk cache with no activity.
Also don't judge the speed of your system only it's boot time.
I upgraded my 1GB Vistas 32 bit HP system to the Windows 7 beta and now
I boot my email is being downloaded after 45-50 seconds compared to 2+
minutes on Vista.

"Pavel A." wrote in message
"ltshaft" wrote in message
Hi, I just bought a new PC running on follow config.

Intel Core 2 QUAD 2.33Mhz process
Vista Home Premium-64bit OS

I feel that it's kind of slow, and I like to know if I should upgrade
RAM to 4GB.

This depends what exactly you're doing. Games? Applications?

Further, I still have Windows XP Home CD and I am contemplating if I
change my OS to XP Home instead.

Again, depends on what you're doing.

-- pa