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Default Windows Vista Administrator lost password

tarathezebra wrote on 11/22/2009 12:23 ET :
I'm quite savy at computers but this is tricky. My mom has me set on
parental controls for Windows Vista. She gave me her password and I
turned them out, logged off and then logged back on to my account. Then,
when I turned off the computer and she turned it back on the next day,
her password didn't work. She's called people and apparently, I changed
the password without knowing I did.

Here's the problem, I don't have a disk to reset the administrator
password and I already tried the CMD way to reset the password but I got
"System Error 5 has occured. Access denied."

The administrator password is a big one since it controls everything I
do. I can't change anything or download anything without that password.

Is there ANYWAY I could change it?


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